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Paradigm logo.jpeg
Founded 2016
Headquarters New York, New York
Key People Anand Gomes, Co-Founder; Sharaf Nassar, Co-Founder and CTO
Employees 10-20
Products OTC trading communication platform
Twitter @TradeParadigm
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook TradeParadigm
Blog Blog

Paradigm is a New York-based start up that provides communications network for participants in the OTC cryptocurrency markets.

Products and services

In August 2019, Paradigm partnered with cryptocurrency trading platform Deribit to support block trades in the platform's bitcoin and Ether futures contracts.[1]

Paradigm added features to the platform that permit cryptocurrency derivatives traders to enter delta neutral orders. Delta neutral trading facilitates volatility trading by hedging out the effects of price movements in the coin or token underlying an option contract. According to Paradigm Co-Founder Anand Gomes, "Delta-neutral execution is the holy grail for options traders" [2]

On November 19, 2020 Paradigm reported launching its anonymity-preserving Multi-Dealer RFQ (MDRFQ) platform for single and multi-leg option strategies that settle into listed options on Deribit,, and other platforms as well as into options on CME bitcoin futures. The MDRFQ feature allows clients to request two-way quotes for options and option strategy trades from multiple dealers on a disclosed or anonymous basis without revealing their trade direction. A client can execute on the aggregated bids or offers in one-click.[3]