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Metronome (MET)
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Key People Jeff Garzik, CEO, Co-founder; Matthew Roszak, Chairman, Co-founder; Peter Vessenes, Chief Cryptographer
Twitter @MET_Token
Facebook MetronomeToken
Blog Metronome Blog

Metronome (MET) is a cryptocurrency developed by Bloq.


In 2017, Bloq announced Metronome, saying that it is designed to be transferred across multiple blockchains. The announcement said that Metronome would be designed to function "like a boxcar" atop blockchains - that it would eventually be transferrable across several blockchains without affecting its price. The announcement also said there would be an opening auction of 10 million MTN - 8 million of which would be available to the public, while 2 million would be set aside for Bloq as the principal development team. Proceeds of the sale, according to the announcement, would be used to support smart contracts that would distribute them to MET users "over decades." Garzik said at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas in October that year that MET was designed to build on the strength of existing blockchains, not supplant them.[1][2]

In November 2019, the Metronome mobile wallet launched.[3] In July 2019, developers of Metronome enabled MET holders to transfer MET tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to the Ethereum Classic blockchain and back at will. This feature was added in order to allow MET tokens to move from blockchain to blockchain while mitigating the risk of price volatility affecting the value of their tokens. This feature was also designed to make Metronome more decentralized by eliminating blockchain permanence through "chainhopping," or enabling the transfer of digital assets across different blockchains.[4]

Key People

  • Jeff Garzik - CEO, Co-founder
  • Matthew Roszak - Chairman, Co-founder
  • Peter Vessenes - Chief Cryptographer