Kevin McCarthy

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Kevin McCarthy
House Maj. Leader Kevin McCarthy official photo.jpg
Occupation U.S. House Majority Leader, Representative of 23rd District of California
Location Bakersfield, CA
Twitter @GOPLeader
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Website Kevin McCarthy Website

Kevin McCarthy is the current House Majority Leader of the United States of America and the House representative of the 23rd District of California.

Blockchain proponent

During a speech before the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress in March 2019, McCarthy called for the U.S. government to look into ways in which blockchain technology can potentially improve the operational aspects of the U.S. government. He claimed that blockchain technology is "revolutionizing" the security of the financial industry and that it can help transform the "transparency of our own legislative process." He referenced the Tested Ability to Leverage Exceptional National Talen Act (or the TALENT Act for short), the Strengthening and Enhancing Cyber-capabilities by Utilizing Risk Exposure Technology Act, and the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses Act, as well as the establishment of a bug bounty program for the Department of Homeland Security.[1]