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John McAfee
John mcafee.jpg
Occupation CEO
Employer Luxcore
Personal Twitter @officialmcafee
Website Personal Site

John McAfee is a British-American entrepreneur. He is the creator of the McAfee antivirus program and a member of the United States Libertarian Party, for which he ran as a self-nominated presidential candidate in 2018 for the U.S. 2020 elections.[1][2]


McAfee was born in 1946 in the United Kingdom. He moved to Roanoke, Virginia with his parents when he was young.[3] He attended Roanoke College and later Virginia Tech until he moved to Silicon Valley, California in 1970. He worked on numerous projects during this time, including an adult dating site that featured a database designed to certify whether its members were free of HIV infection. He is most well-known for having created the McAfee antivirus program.[4] He is also the former CEO of Luxcore, a smart contract and blockchain software development firm. He and Luxcore decided mutually to part ways in May 2019.[5]


McAfee developed the cryptocurrency wallet Bitfi. He announced a public challenge, offering $250,000 to anybody who could successfully hack the coins out of a Bitfi wallet. He also offered a smaller $10,000 reward for a similar challenge: any hacker who could prove he had modified the Bitfi firmware, recovered the wallet user's private keys or secret phrase, and sent this information to a third party - all while maintaining the device's connection to the Bitfi Dashboard and maintaining the device's normal functionality - would win the prize. Multiple hackers succeeded in breaking into the wallet's root code; one of them was even able to install and play "Doom," a computer game by ID Software, on the device. A hacker named Andrew Tierney, AKA Cybergibbons, supposedly completed the challenge.[6][7][8][9]

McAfee announced over Twitter that neither the $250,000 reward nor the smaller $10,000 would be distributed to any of the hackers because no digital tokens were removed from the wallet as a result of the hack.[10]

McAfee challenged Jay Clayton, chairman of the SEC, to a public debate in 2018.[11]

In August 2018, McAfee joined blockchain startup Luxcore. The hire was allegedly part of a major "restructuring" of the company. McAfee said he planned to emphasize "strategic marketing" and "aggressive growth" in order to hit the company's new growth targets.[12]

Presidential campaign

John McAfee announced in 2018 that he intended to run for U.S. president in the 2020 U.S. election. In January 2019, he announced over Twitter that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had charged him with "criminal acts" against the government and that his presidential campaign would continue "in exile."[13] Days later, he announced over Twitter that he had fled American shores on a boat, and that he had dropped anchor in a "third world country." Travelling with him are several of his associates, as well as approximately twenty firearms, including assault weapons. As well as sharing these details, McAfee also said in a video he posted to Twitter that he had not paid taxes in over eight years, and that he had not hidden this fact to anyone, including the IRS. In addition to stating his intent not to file taxes, he told the IRS, "Come and find me."[14]

In April 2019, McAfee said in a Twitter post that he had found the identity and location of Satoshi Nakamoto - the mysterious creator of bitcoin whose true identity has never been confirmed. According to McAfee, Nakamoto is a single person, male, and lives in the United States. McAfee said that he had not only found Nakamoto, but spoke to him, and that he is "not a happy camper" about McAfee's attempts to find him. McAfee said that his efforts were motivated by lawsuits filed by Craig Wright against a podcaster who questioned the truth of his claim that he is the true Satoshi. McAfee said that the person he "tracked down" and spoke to was not Craig Wright, and that McAfee would not disclose the true identity of Nakamoto yet, because it might affect his attempts to contest his extradition to the United States.[15]

In May 2019, a tweet was published from John McAfee's Twitter account saying that McAfee had to "go dark" due to "developing events," and that his Twitter account would be handled by staff of his "until further notice."[16]


John McAfee graduated from Roanoke College in 1967. He then studied mathematics at Virginia Tech until 1970.[17][18]