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Jesse Edwards
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Occupation Co-Founder of R3; Head of Corporate Development
Location New York, New York
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Jesse Edwards was one of the three founders of R3, a financial firm that leads a blockchain and distributed ledger consortium, in 2014.

Edwards was previously an investment banker at Sandler O'Neill and then AGC Partners.[1]

"Adroc" and Leaving R3

In March 2019, Edwards left R3. Before his departure, he had been working on a "side fund" for the distributed ledger technology company called "Adroc" (Corda spelled backwards) targeted for between $50-60 million, which would have been used to support new tech companies building products on top of the Corda platform. Though R3 and Edwards both said that Edwards had been considering launching his own independent venture capital firm to drive Corda adoption globally, Edwards' exodus from the company allegedly had more to do with differences of vision over how to encourage investment for tech startups building software on top of the Corda platform. The firm instead said that it had decided to opt for what it calls an "internal corporate development function" to support new companies on the Corda platform. R3 said in a statement that the decision was made mutually between the firm and Edwards, and that Edwards remained "an investor in and a close friend of the firm."[2]


Jesse Edwards has a BS from Cornell University in atmospheric sciences. He also has an MBA from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management in finance and investment banking.[3]


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