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Hodl means "hold" in the cryptocurrency world.

Hodling has proven to be a largely successful practice for 2013 bitcoin investors. It finds an echo in the traditional directive: buy and hold. Among cryptocurrency investors, hodling is an expression of the belief in the future of the asset class.[1]


Hodl is the present tense form of the verb whose first observed form was the present participle, hodling, as in "I AM HODLING". "I AM HODLING" was the title given to a post by GameKyuubi published on Bitcoin Forum on December 13, 2018. The post itself acknowledges the misspelling.[2] Hodl is often identified as an acronym for "hold on for dear life," to which it is not truly connected.[3]

GameKyuubi's original post

The following is the complete text of GameKyuubi's seminal post on the topic of hodling (warning: explicit language)


I type d that tyitle twice because I knew it was wrong the first time. Still wrong. w/e. GF's out at a lesbian bar, BTC crashing WHY AM I HOLDING? I'LL TELL YOU WHY. It's because I'm a bad trader and I KNOW I'M A BAD TRADER. Yeah you good traders can spot the highs and the lows pit pat piffy wing wong wang just like that and make a millino bucks sure no problem bro. Likewise the weak hands are like OH NO IT'S GOING DOWN I'M GONNA SELL he he he and then they're like OH GOD MY ASSHOLE when the SMART traders who KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY'RE DOING buy back in but you know what? I'm not part of that group. When the traders buy back in I'm already part of the market capital so GUESS WHO YOU'RE CHEATING day traders NOT ME~! Those taunt threads saying "OHH YOU SHOULD HAVE SOLD" YEAH NO SHIT. NO SHIT I SHOULD HAVE SOLD. I SHOULD HAVE SOLD MOMENTS BEFORE EVERY SELL AND BOUGHT MOMENTS BEFORE EVERY BUY BUT YOU KNOW WHAT NOT EVERYBODY IS AS COOL AS YOU. You only sell in a bear market if you are a good day trader or an illusioned noob. The people inbetween hold. In a zero-sum game such as this, traders can only take your money if you sell.

so i've had some whiskey actually on the bottle it's spelled whisky w/e sue me (but only if it's payable in BTC)