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Global Markets Exchange Group
GMEX Logo.png
Founded 2012
Headquarters London, England, U.K.
Key People Hirander Misra, CEO and Co-Founder
Employees 15-50
Products Fintech developer, other financial services
LinkedIn Profile
Website GMEX Group

Global Markets Exchange Group International (GMEX) is a U.K.-based consortium of companies that provides financial services and technology to global financial markets.[1]

In July 2018, the GMEX Group was recognized by the U.K.'s government as one of the most significant leaders in the development and implementation of blockchain technology in the U.K. to date. This came from a 960-page report created by several companies - Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global, and Deep Knowledge Analytics - who collaborated with the U.K.'s All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) to create a highly comprehensive analysis of the U.K.-based blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. This report also lauded GMEX's CEO and co-founder, Hirander Misra, as one of the top blockchain business influencers in the U.K.

The report highlights Fusion, GMEX's hybrid centralized/blockchain digital trading suite. The report also makes special note of two initiatives backed by GMEX; the first is FinComEco, a trading ecosystem developed by GMEX that includes exchanges built off of different blockchains. The other is the Mauritius International Derivatives and Commodities Exchange (MINDEX), an international exchange based in Mauritius, an island nation just east of Madagascar. According to the report, MINDEX is an exchange that will enable sourcing, trading, and financing of ethically-sourced gold using a blockchain to verify its origin.[2]

The report can be read here.

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