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A "farm" is a data center that serves cryptocurrency mining operations by providing for the extraordinary computer processing, electrical and cooling requirements for housing multiple mining rigs efficiently. A farm often serves more than one client, which may be a mining pool or part of a mining pool.

Rockdale, Texas

Both Bitmain, the world's largest producer of application specific-integrated-circuits, and Whinstone US announced they were developing separate new farm operations in Rockdale, Texas, during fall 2019. Bitmain went first on October 20, saying that it was building its facility on the grounds of a disused Alcoa company aluminum smelting plant located there. In its announcement Bitmain said it would launch operations shortly with a 25 megawatt operation that would grow eventually to 300 megawatts. It called its venture "the world's largest" farm.[1] On November 1, 2019, the Dallas Morning News reported that Whinstone US Inc. had announced that it was building "the world’s largest bitcoin Mining facility in Texas" in Rockdale on a 100-acre, otherwise undeveloped parcel on the Alcoa property.[2] Whinstone US agreed to be acquired one week later, on November 7, by Northern Bitcoin AG, a Frankfurt, Germany-based bitcoin blockchain development and consulting company.[3]