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Founded 2013
Headquarters London, U.K. with an office in New York
Key People Dr. James Smith, CEO & co-founder; Dr. Tom Robinson, chief scientist & co-founder; Dr. Adam Joyce, chief architect & co-founder; Simone Maini, chief operating officer
Employees 51-200
Products Money laundering prevention, blockchain analysis, and market analytics
Twitter @elliptic
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook ellipticCo
Website Elliptic Homepage

Elliptic is a blockchain analytics and data company specializing in market analytics and AML/KYC monitoring.[1][2][3][4]


Elliptic's website says that the company was founded by individuals who believed that cryptocurrency would be an important part of the future of finance, but that its use for illicit criminal activity needed to be disrupted.

In 2013, Elliptic was founded by Dr. James Smith, Dr. Tom Robinson, and Dr. Adam Joyce. The company released its first cryptocurrency "intelligence tool" in 2015.[5]

In June 2020, Elliptic announced that its analytics software added support for Zcash (ZEC) and Horizen (ZEN), both of which are privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. The update allowed Elliptic's software to monitor "unshielded" transactions made with both ZEC and ZEN, allowing them to meet anti-money laundering and other compliance standards. The announcement said that despite the move, Elliptic was not seeking to nullify the privacy-enhancement features of both coins, or any other similar features of other privacy coins, like Monero (XMR).[6]

Key People

  • Dr. James Smith - CEO & co-founder
  • Dr. Tom Robinson - Chief Scientist & Co-Founder
  • Dr. Adam Joyce - Chief Architect & Co-Founder
  • Simone Maini - Chief Operating Officer