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Diginex Ltd.
Founded 2018
Headquarters 35/F Two International Finance Centr, 8 Finance Street, 35/F Central Hong Kong (SAR)
Key People Miles Pelham, Founder; Richard Byworth, CEO; Chi-Won Yoon, Chairman
Employees 50-200
Products Blockchain technology, financial services
Twitter @DiginexGlobal
LinkedIn Profile
Website Diginex Homepage
Blog EQUOS Global Blog

Diginex is a Hong Kong-based comapny that offers digital asset trading and custody, as well as blockchain and fintech development services.[1]


Diginex was founded in 2018 by Miles Pelham. The company's business consists of several arms, including its OTC digital asset trading desk EQUOS, Diginex Access - a digital asset trading platform built for institutional traders, the digital asset custodial tech firm Digivault, and Bletchley Park Asset Management (BPAM), a digital asset hedge fund acquired by Diginex in 2018.[2][3][4][5]

In February 2019, the company hired Will McDonough, a former Goldman Sachs vice president who started a brand management company representing NFL quarterback Tom Brady.[6]

In July 2019, Diginex announced that it was going public through a reverse merger with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp, and would be listed on Nasdaq. The deal was valued at $276 million, including debt, according to a press release. The company's CEO Richard Byworth said Diginex hoped the deal would give the company "broader market visibility."[7]

In May 2020, Diginex announced the divestment of Diginex Solutions, which uses blockchain technology to tracking ESG index data, in May 2020.[8][9]

On July 30, 2020 the company said that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had approved the upcoming exchange listing which was forecast to occur in late September.[10] On September 15, 2020, the shareholders of 8i approved the merger with 81 percent in favor, making the merger official.[11]

Products and services

Diginex offered financial and tech advisory services, as well as developing software tools for corporate blockchains.[12] It spun off its blockchain enabled "Solutions" business, according to a May 30, 2020 announcement, in order to focus better on its digital assets business.[13]

The company said it launched EQUOS.io on July 30, 2020. EQUOS.io is a Singapore-based crptocurrency trading platform.[14] Diginex also developed Diginex Access, which is a digital asset trading platform whose user interface was developed to be familiar to users familiar with institutional trading platforms.[15]

Earlier in July, Diginex announced that it had licensed Tbricks from the financial services technology provider Itiviti for use by the company's institutional clients. Tbricks is a risk management engine used in conjunction with trading and portfolio management.[16]

In February 2021, Diginex announced that it had partnered with electronic trading firm Itiviti launch Diginex Access, a digital asset trading platform that plugs into Itiviti's management, execution management and portfolio management systems. This allows Itiviti's customers to trade digital assets and digital asset derivatives, as well as traditional equities using Itiviti's platform.[17]

Key People

  • Miles Pelham - Founder
  • Richard Byworth - CEO
  • Chi-Won Yoon - Chairman
  • Paul Ewing - Chief Financial Officer
  • Jim Pollock - Chief Operating Officer
  • Stelios Moussis - Chief Legal Officer
  • Ray Hennessey - Chief Technology Officer