Curve (CRV)

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Founded 2020
Headquarters Switzerland
Key People Michael Egorov, Lead Developer
Products DeFi trading platform; Token
Twitter @CurveFinance
Website Homepage
Blog CRV blog

Curve Finance, or simply Curve, is a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, which is governed by Ethereum-based tokens, CRVs, that provides a decentralized trading platform or "DEX." DeFi Pulse, an online data provider dedicated to the Decentralized Finance industry, ranked Curve first among DEXes by trading volume in mid August 2020.[1]

The platform was designed to facilitate trading across Ethereum-based stablecoins. The governance token launched on August 14, 2020.


The Curve platform as well as the native CRV governance token were designed to incent early participation by liquidity providers by granting more voting to longer holding of CRVs.[2]


While previously planned for sometime in August, the CRV development community was surprised on August 14, 2020 when one of its anonymous members jumped the gun and mined 80,000 CRVs. Once the CRVs were transferred and the mining was validated, the launch was endorsed by the developer team. CRV trading was promptly made available on Binance, OKEx and Poloniex.[3] According to The Block Crypto, by August 16. two days after launching CRV, more than $1 billion worth in cryptocurrency assets had been locked up by traders seeking to earn CRVs and the accompanying governance rights.[4]