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Cryptocompare logo.jpg
Founded 2014
Headquarters London, U.K.
Key People Charles Hayter, CEO and co-founder; Vlad Cealicu, CTO and co-founder; Alex Preston, Chairman
Employees 25-40
Products Cryptocurrency market data aggregation, product reviews (mining equipment, wallets), how-to guides, news
Twitter @CryptoCompare
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Facebook cryptocompare
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Blog CryptoCompare Blog is a website that offers a number of services related to cryptocurrency trading, mining, and storage for both institutional and retail investors.[1]

Products and Services

Market Data

CryptoCompare offers market and pricing data for the cryptocurrency markets which are updated in real-time. These data are aggregated from numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms (CTPs) around the world and vetted by the company's data analysts.[2][3] Beginning in August 2018 CryptoCompare provides order book and trade data for 50 cryptocurrencies sourced into Thomson Reuters financial desktop platform, Eikon.[4]


CryptoCompare features guides and reviews for products and services related to cryptocurrency, including mining equipment, wallets, and CTPs.[5]


CryptoCompare allows a user to create a profile on the website in order to manage crypto portfolios. These portfolios include information about the user's investments and data related to them, such as which digital assets an investor paid for, what the best times to trade are based on the user's past trading behavior and outcomes, net profit/loss trackers, and other information.[6]

Trading Platform Quality Ranking

On June 12, 2019, CryptoCompare announced the launch of its exchange quality ranking data for investors and traders.[7] In addition to showing exchanges' 24-hour reported volumes, CryptoCompare began providing its quality scores in the display.[8] The company also published Exchange Benchmarking, a 113-slide Powerpoint report on its methodology. CryptoCompare's ranking is based on largely qualitative scoring across the following criteria: geography, legal, investment, company quality, data provision, surveillance and market quality. Coinbase was ranked first in the inaugural report.[9]

Key People

  • Charles Hayter - CEO and co-founder
  • Vlad Cealicu - CTO and co-founder
  • Alex Presto - Chairman