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Founded 2014
Headquarters Tokyo
Key People Roger Ver, Emil Oldenburg
Products Wallets and bitcoin-associated services
Twitter @BitcoinCom
LinkedIn Profile
Releases Company News
Blog Blog provides a free bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallet, news services, community forums, games, and bitcoin education resources as well as a store for purchasing bitcoin-themed goods (including clothing) and services. It accepts credit cards to purchase bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and does not deal in other cryptocurrencies.[1]

Overview, clearly a desirable web domain address, was originally owned by the now defunct Trade Hill, which was a very early bitcoin exchange.[2] was later used by Coinbase to acquire customers. Use of the name was reportedly taken over by in April 2014.[3] By the middle of the next year, Roger Ver, the so-called "Crypto Jesus" and current CEO of, was in public dispute with OKEx regarding commercialization of the domain.[4]

More recently, has been the focus of anger by parts of the bitcoin community over its support for bitcoin cash. In May 2018, CoinMarketCap quietly removed from its website, which tracks volume and price activity, following allegations that was misleading customers into buying Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin.[5]

In August 2019, announced that it would be launching a cryptocurrency trading platform called, which would support trading for Ethereum, Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, in addition to bitcoin.[6]