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Zcash Company
Founded 2016
Headquarters Lakewood, CO (Headquarters)
Key People Zooko Wilcox, CEO
Employees Approx. 50
Products ZEC
Twitter @zcashco
StockTwits ZEC.X
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook zcashco
Website https://z.cash/
Blog https://blog.z.cash/

Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency based on its own native blockchain. Its goal is to create a global, open economic platform that allows its users to make totally private payments.[1]


While most cryptocurrencies are designed to provide users with public and private keys, or addresses, Zcash provides a "view key" and a "spend key." The spend key is an encrypted virtual address that allows users to spend ZEC from their wallet, while the view key is used to allow users to view information about each other's transactions. A user cannot view information about another user's ZEC transactions without that user's view key; it's similar to how two users of a messaging platform cannot send each other messages without knowing the recipient's email address or username. Zcash also allows users to deliver encrypted messages to other users, provided they have that user's view key. These messages are not viewable to anyone without the view key.[2]


According to the FAQ page on the official Zcash website, under the subheading "What is the difference between Zcash and Bitcoin," Zcash began as a fork of bitcoin. It is being developed by the Zcash Company.[3] The Zcash Company was founded by Zooko Wilcox in 2016.[4][5]