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Founded 2017
Headquarters Chicago and New York
Key People Jennifer Campbell, Founder; Marc Bhargava, Co-founder; Greg Tusar, Co-founder, CEO; Venu Palaparthi, COO; Kevin Johnson, COO; Dhawal Sharma, General Counsel
Employees 10 - 20
Products Electronic digital assets broker
Twitter @tagomisystems
LinkedIn Profile
Website Tagomi Homepage

Tagomi is an electronic agency brokerage service that launched on December 17, 2018.[1] Tagomi focuses on serving institutions with large cryptocurrency transactions.[2]

Products and Services

The brokerage's goal is to provide best-execution for its customers. Although this concept is still developing in the cryptocurrency space, Tagomi's COO said in an interview with The Block in 2018 that best-execution "is a little more nuanced. We have to look at best price and best liquidity. Getting access to all of this liquidity is difficult...it might not be easy to get connected to a venue where you can get that price but with Tagomi, you can access multiple venues from a single account, and get a much better price execution which represents the full market." Tagomi also offers its customers consulting services to help them execute trades with as little market impact as possible.[3] With two distinct services for hedge fund and high net worth individuals and for active traders, Tagomi "streamlined execution" and "advanced trading" products.[4]

In September 2019, Tagomi announced its new service where it brokers bitcoin and Ethereum loans between Tagomi partners customers.[5]


Tagomi, which is a privately-held company, has raised $15.5 million in funds as of May 2018, including an unspecified amount from Founders Fund, billionaire Peter Thiel’s venture-capital firm.[6] Tagomi focuses on serving institutions with large cryptocurrency transactions.[7]

In 2019, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) awarded a BitLicense to Tagomi, making Tagomi the 18th business to have been issued such a license.[8]

Key People

  • Jennifer Campbell - Founder
  • Marc Bhargava - Co-founder
  • Greg Tusar - Co-founder, CEO
  • Venu Palaparthi - COO
  • Kevin Johnson - COO
  • Dhawal Sharma - General Counsel