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  • A cryptocurrency is a virtual or [[digital asset]] that uses cryptography for security. The most-well known cryptocurrency thus far is [[bitcoin]], but others inc it secure. '''Avoid using the shorthand 'crypto,' which can be confused with cryptography.''' Cryptocurrency is not the same as virtual currency, which
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  • ...institutions like banks or government agencies to verify transactions made with bitcoin or other [[digital tokens]]. Because bitcoin is not issued by any g|name=South Korean Regulator Issues ICO Ban|org=Coindesk|date=February 26, 2018}}</ref>
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  • ...technologies-to-spread-bitcoin-adoption-2018-1|name=Coinbase is teaming up with a Chicago-based tech firm to unlease cryptocurrencies onto Wall Street|org= ...aid that this round of fundraising would focus on raising money from firms with a bullish view of cryptocurrencies: "for this round, we simply weren't inte
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  • | key_people = [[Jesse Powell]], CEO and Founder; Nicholas Percoco, Chief Security Officer exchange offers [[bitcoin]], [[Ether]] and other cryptocurrencies with several fiat currencies including US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pou
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  • | products = tZERO [[security tokens]] and trade platform; blockchain brokerage services, [[tokenized]] s ...tegration of blockchain technology. t0 is also the name of the company's [[security token]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Distributed ledger plat
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  • ...sited funds to other customers and allowing them to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=About|org= ...e to allow their owners to engage in peer-to-peer trading with other users with reduced fees on Bitfinex and EthFinex, as well as discounts on other platfo
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  • ...b-hit-with-a-massive-tax-bill-of-over-69m|name=Crypto exchange Bithumb hit with a massive tax bill of over $69M|org=The Block Crypto|date=December 30, 2019 ...ier, or an electronic financial assistant…Since we have strengthened our security policy since the leak of personal information, we have fulfilled our obliga
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  • ...rities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the U.S. regulatory agency charged with the oversight of securities markets and market participants in the U.S. Its|25px|link=]] to open a new tab with MarketsWiki.''
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  • During the summer of 2013, various technical issues led to Mt. Gox halting customer withdrawals in US dollars. Mt. Gox claimed ...2P09320140326?feedType=RSS&feedName=businessNews|name=Mt. Gox says working with police in missing bitcoin probe|org=Reuters|date=July 13, 2018}}</ref>
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  • Electrum wallets keep a history of all of the payments sent and received by the user, which [[Category:Wallets]]
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  • | products = [[Cryptocurrency]] hardware; "cold" [[wallets]] ...cold" wallet. They founded SatoshiLabs, and began fundraising in 2013. The wallets gained popularity, and in 2016 SatoshiLabs unveiled the prototype for the T
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  • == Death of CEO Causes Security Issues == ...o the trust. These actions were described as "atypical" by people familiar with the matter. Some speculated that this may have been done to protect the pro
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  • ...ports-hack-with-significant-losses|name=NZ Exchange Cryptopia Reports Hack With 'Significant Losses'|org=Cointelgraph|date=May 15, 2019}}</ref> ...banking-issues|name=Cryptopia Exchange Resumes Crypto Trading Amid Banking Issues|org=Coindesk|date=May 15, 2019}}</ref>
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  • ...coin Cash]], [[Ether]], [[Litecoin]], and [[XRP]]. The company also offers wallets to its customers to store their digital assets.<ref>{{cite web|url=https:// [[Category: wallets with security issues]]
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