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{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
| company_name =  Securitize, Inc.
| company_name =  Securitize, Inc.

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Securitize, Inc.
Founded 2017
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Key People Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder, CEO; Jamie Finn, Co-Founder, President; Shay Finkelstein, Co-Founder, CTO; Brian Farber, General Counsel
Employees 11-50
Products Blockchain technology, digital securities trading
Twitter @securitize
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Deribitoptions
Website Securitize Homepage
Blog Securitize Blog

Securitize is a fintech developer and blockchain trading firm based out of San Francisco, CA. Its platform is designed to tokenize assets, creating digital securities that represent those assets, in order to increase the ease by which those assets can be traded.[1]

Products and Services

Securitize's platform is used to trade digital security tokens. According to Securitize, this can be applied to venture funds, equity, real estate - even art. The platform features tools for KYC/AML compliance, two-factor-authentication for investors, the ability to pay out in both fiat and cryptocurrency (only for coins that are supported), and support for various blockchains outside of Securitize, including Ethereum and Tezos. It uses what is called the Digital Securities Protocol (DS Protocol), which functions similar to a standard alternative trading system, allowing for digital token trading on secondary marketplaces and exchanges.[2][3] Currently, there are eleven digital assets being traded on the platform; the tenth, called the Curzio Equity Owner's (CEO) token, was added in August 2019.[4]


Securitize was founded in 2017 by Carlos Domingo, Jamie Finn, and Shay Finkelstein, all of whom are former executives of various tech companies around the world.[5][6][7]

In May 2019, Securitize open-sourced its protocol's code.

In August 2019, Securitize announced that it had gained approval from the SEC to operate as a registered transfer agent, allowing it to act as an official record keeper for changes of ownership of securities on its platform's blockchain. Securitize also announced that it would offer record transfers for free.[8][9]

Key People

  • Carlos Domingo - Co-Founder, CEO
  • Jamie Finn - Co-Founder, President
  • Shay Finkelstein - Co-Founder, CTO
  • Brian Farber - General Counsel