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Headquarters Singapore
Key People Jihan Wu, John Ge
Employees 100+
Products Wallet, lending, cryptocurrency trading
Twitter @realMatrixport
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook matrixport

Matrixport is a Singapore-based start-up with offices in China, Hong Kong and Switzerland. It offers custody, lending and trading services.

Matrixport was spun off from Bitmain by one of Bitmain's founders, Jihan Wu, in January 2019. John Ge, another Bitmain alumnus, told Bloomberg in a July 2019 interview, “We are closely tied to Bitmain by our origin, but because we operate in different businesses, we are partners rather than competitors." The company employed many developers and other staff who had earlier been laid off from Bitmain.[1]

The company's expansion into Switzerland was reported by SWI on November 26, 2019. Matrixport's Switzerland COO, Hui Wang, said the office would grow to 10 staff over the next two years. She told Swissinfo that Matrixport will not simply act as a conduit to the Singapore office but rather provide services to European clients of the company directly.[2]