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<div class="mid"><h2>John Lothian News CryptoMarkets Features</h2>
<div class="mid"><h2>John Lothian News CryptoMarkets Features</h2>
<div class="feature">
<div class="feature">
<feed url="http://johnlothiannews.com/category/wiki/feed/" entries="6" date="n.j.y">
<feed url="http://johnlothiannews.com/crmarkets/" entries="6" date="n.j.y">
<div class="clearfix entry">__NOTOC__ <h3>[{PERMALINK} {TITLE}]</h3><span class="author">{AUTHOR} &raquo; {DATE}</span>{DESCRIPTION}</div>
<div class="clearfix entry">__NOTOC__ <h3>[{PERMALINK} {TITLE}]</h3><span class="author">{AUTHOR} &raquo; {DATE}</span>{DESCRIPTION}</div>

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Mark Karpelès may be facing a 10-year prison term in Japan for diverting Mt. Gox customer funds to his own account in 2013. @MagicalTux (aka Karpelès) pleaded not guilty to those charges as well as to embezzlement and data manipulation.

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John Lothian News CryptoMarkets Features

The Marriage of Money and Machines

Jeff Bergstrom » 9.17.19

At MarketsWiki Education's World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Rumi Morales, entrepreneur and partner in Outlier Ventures, gave a brief history of trading and the technological changes that have swept the industry, ending with blockchain, which she said is "revolutionary" because no central counterparty is necessary. Blockchain, along with the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, will lead to a "Convergence Ecosystem," she said.

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Managing risk with VIX

Jeff Bergstrom » 9.13.19

CFTC v Thakkar: a fishing license

Thom Thompson » 9.12.19

Security Threats in Today’s Digital World

Jeff Bergstrom » 9.12.19

Bakkt readies CME challenge

Thom Thompson » 9.11.19

Jordan Melamed – Open Outcry Traders History Project

Jeff Bergstrom » 9.11.19

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