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<div class="mid"><h2>John Lothian News CryptoMarkets Features</h2>
<div class="mid"><h2>John Lothian News CryptoMarkets Features</h2>
<div class="feature">
<div class="feature">
<feed url="http://johnlothiannews.com/category/wiki/feed/" entries="6" date="n.j.y">
<feed url="http://johnlothiannews.com/crmarkets" entries="6" date="n.j.y">
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<div class="clearfix entry">__NOTOC__ <h3>[{PERMALINK} {TITLE}]</h3><span class="author">{AUTHOR} &raquo; {DATE}</span>{DESCRIPTION}</div>

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Mark Karpelès may be facing a 10-year prison term in Japan for diverting Mt. Gox customer funds to his own account in 2013. @MagicalTux (aka Karpelès) pleaded not guilty to those charges as well as to embezzlement and data manipulation.

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John Lothian News CryptoMarkets Features

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy: Illinois legislators take notice of strong cannabis revenues

Suzanne Cosgrove » 5.29.20
John Lothian News caught up with Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) on Wednesday, May 27, just days after the finish of a special state legislative session. Amid talk of a budget deficit and pandemic-related business closures, the healthy revenue stream provided by the state’s adult-use cannabis sales through April stood out, she said.Read more

JLN Bachelier Options Model Virtual Panel Podcast

John Lothian » 5.29.20

James Gordon: Former Timber Hill Open Outcry Trader Story

John Lothian » 5.28.20

The Weekend Update: May 18-22, 2020

Patrick Lothian » 5.23.20

Chicago Derivatives Executive Pens Murder Mystery Thriller Set in Chicago’s Markets

John Lothian » 5.22.20

Cboe’s Tilly Outlines Exchange Growth Amid Market Disruption

Suzanne Cosgrove » 5.22.20

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