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DTCC announced on Wednesday, October 16, the results of a study conducted by Accenture that demonstrated for the first time that distributed ledger technology is capable of supporting average daily trading volumes in the U.S. equity market of more than 100 million trades per day.

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John Lothian News Sits Down With FIS

Mike Forrester » 10.12.18

John Lothian sat down with John Omahen of FIS Global in the office of John Lothian News to discuss new initiatives at FIS and Omahen’s take on industry issues. During this discussion, Omahen comments on a new FIS margin product and even interest in cryptocurrency products. Produced by Mike Forrester  Read more

BoE warns £41tn of derivatives at risk after Brexit; European banks worry about clearing

Spencer Doar » 10.9.18

Blockchain tokenization: a simplified explanation

Matt Raebel » 10.9.18

Exchange Legacy: WFE Tackles The Question Of The Role Of Exchanges. It’s Much More Than You May Think.

Jim Kharouf » 10.2.18

How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency

Jeff Bergstrom » 10.1.18

Introducing Bitmain

Thom Thompson » 10.1.18

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