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{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
| company_name = JST Capital
| company_name = JST Capital
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== Key People ==
== Key People ==
*Scott Freeman - Co-founder, Partner  
*[[Scott Freeman]] - Co-founder, Partner  
*Todd Morakis - Co-Founder, Partner  
*Todd Morakis - Co-founder, Partner  
*Pallop Angsupun - Chief Risk Officer  
*Pallop Angsupun - Chief Risk Officer  
*Ravi Anand - Chief Technology Officer
*Ravi Anand - Chief Technology Officer

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JST Capital
Founded 2018
Headquarters Summit, New Jersey, with an office in Singapore
Key People Scott Freeman, Co-founder, Partner; Todd Morakis, Co-Founder, Partner; Pallop Angsupun, Chief Risk Officer; Ravi Anand, Chief Technology Officer
Employees 11-50
Products Institutional digital asset trading
LinkedIn Profile
Website JST Capital Home

JST Capital is an institutional trading firm specializing in digital asset trading and risk management. Their main office is in Summit, New Jersey, but the company also has an office in Singapore.[1]

Products and Services

JST Capital's trading platform allows institutional clients to trade digital assets using limit, market, and stop-loss orders, with which traders experienced in trading in traditional markets would be familiar. It is built to connect clients with issuers exchanges to execute trades via an FCA-regulated broker-dealer, Arkonis Capital.

JST Capital offers trading services for bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other digital assets.

The company also provides risk advisory and asset management services.[2]

Key People

  • Scott Freeman - Co-founder, Partner
  • Todd Morakis - Co-founder, Partner
  • Pallop Angsupun - Chief Risk Officer
  • Ravi Anand - Chief Technology Officer


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