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JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Founded 2004 as JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Original 1799, See main page on MarketsWiki)
Headquarters Corp HQ - New York City; Retail financial services - Chicago, IL
Key People James Dimon, Chairman and CEO
Employees 10,000 +
Products Financial services
Twitter @Chase
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook jpmorganchase
Website JPMorgan Chase & Co. Homepage

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a global financial services firm that focuses on investment banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management, and private equity.[1] The common stock is also listed on the London and Tokyo stock exchanges.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

James Dimon, the chairman and CEO of the company, once famously called bitcoin a "fraud", but that blockchain technology held promise.

Forbes reported in March 2019 that JPMorgan Chase was the only financial firm listed on the job-hunting site in the top ten companies posting jobs including the terms "blockchain," "cryptocurrency," or "bitcoin" over the past year. According to the Forbes story, the main competing firms were IBM, Cisco, Accenture, EY, KPMG, Microsoft, ConsenSys, Conduent, and Deloitte.[2]

In September 2019, JPMorgan Chase & Co. sent out a note to their clients, saying that stablecoins such as Facebook's Libra are potentially prone to gridlock in periods of stress. According to JPM analysts led by Joshua Younger, this is because of the way stablecoins like Libra are currently designed; the note said that stablecoins lack certain microstructures - such as short-term liquidity facilities common in other payments systems - meaning the activity of the coins may grow faster than the coin can support.[3]

JPM Coin

In February 2019 JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced that it had created its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin, a digital token created to improve payment settlements between JPMC clients. This product will not likely be available for retail investors, so it cannot be traded like bitcoin, or similar digital assets. CNBC reported at the time of the announcement that testing for this product would begin "in a few months" from the announcement.[4][5]

Interbank Information Network

In April 2019, JPMorgan head of global clearing John Hunter said that the bank was "looking at the ability to do more at the point of settlement" with blockchain technology, specifically with the Interbank Information Network (IIN), a blockchain-based digital payments platform set up in partnership with the Australian bank ANZ bank and the Royal Bank of Canada in 2017.

There were 220 banks included in the IIN at that time. The IIN was useful in particular for correcting mistakes and errors in settlement instructions for interbnk transfers.[6]


JPMorgan developed Quorum, a private blockchain written in Ethereum Go (Ethereum's programming language), which doesn't run on the Ethereum blockchain, was presented by JPMorgan at the annual Sibos conference in 2016. The platform was built in conjunction with EthLab and was made open source.[7] In April 2018, the bank disclosed that it had run a successful debt issuance experiment using Quorum with National Bank of Canada. Other participants in the experiment were Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Pfizer Inc and Legg Mason Inc’s Western Asset as well as other investors in debt instrument.[8]

Quorum is distinguished by several features including network and peer permissions management, enhanced transaction and contract privacy, voting-based consensus mechanisms, and higher transaction-processing performance.[9] JPMorgan told Coindesk in May 2019 that it had developed an extension to a fully decentralized, cryptographic protocol. called Zether, for confidential payments that it is likely to use it with Quorum. Zether uses zero-knowledge proofs which allow one party to prove knowledge of some secret value or information without conveying any details about that secret.[10]

According to the FAQ issued by JPMorgan when it first announced JPM Coin, its cryptocurrency will be issued on Quorum but be available on all other "standard Blockchains."[11]

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