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{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
| company_name = iownit
| company_name = iownit

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Founded 2017
Headquarters Houston, Texas
Key People Rashad Kurbanov and Hamid Gayibov, Co-Founders
Products Registered broker dealer with blockchain-based platform
Twitter @iownitUS
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook iownit.us
Website https://iownit.us/

Iownit is a platform for digitizing securities issuance, lifecycle management and secondary trading. Its issues private placement securities on a Hyperledger blockchain. Trading on the platform is available to institutional and accredited investors.[1] Iownit capital and markets [sic], Inc. is the parent company of IOI Capital and Markets, LLC (IOI). IOI is a registered broker dealer which was approved by FINRA to act as a placement agent for private securities issued on the iownit platform.[2]

The company announced in June 2019 that it had received $4.5 million in investments from private investors. iownit said at the time that it would use the funding to complete the regulatory process.[3]