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| location =      New York, NY
| location =      New York, NY
| employees =      50-200
| employees =      50-200
| products =      Digital asset trading platforms, asset management services, investment mangagement
| products =      Digital asset trading services, asset management, investment mangagement
| twitter =         
| twitter =         
| linkedin =      galaxydigital
| linkedin =      galaxydigital

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Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd.
Galaxy digital-jpg.jpg
Founded 2018
Headquarters New York, NY
Key People Michael Novogratz, Founder and CEO; Rich Tavoso, President; Julie Coin, COO; Steve Kelso, Head of Europe
Employees 50-200
Products Digital asset trading services, asset management, investment mangagement
LinkedIn Profile
Website Galaxy Digital Home
Releases Company News

Galaxy Digital is a merchant bank specializing in digital assets.[1] Galaxy Digital is an American company that seeks to institutionalize the digital asset and blockchain space. It provides asset management, investing, advisory, and trading services.[2][3]


Galaxy Digital was founded in January 2018. Since then, it has entered into business partnership with several companies to create institutional-grade cryptocurrency and blockchain products and services.[4]

In late January, the company announced a joint venture with Block.one to create a $325 million fund in order to develop the EOS digital ecosystem.[5]

In June 2018, Galaxy Digital partnered with High Fidelity, an open-source distributed ledger virtual reality gaming platform.[6]

In July, the company announced a partnership with BlockFi, a company that offers fiat currency loans to digital asset holders to collateralize their loans with crypto. Galaxy Digital invested $52.5 million in venture capital.[7][8] Later that month, the company announced that, mostly due to declining prices of crypto assets, it had lost $134 million in Q1 of 2018.[9]

In November, Galaxy Digital announced that it had hired Ian Taylor, former real estate banker from Goldman Sachs, to help run a new branch of Galaxy's business involving the tokenization of real estate.[10]

Key People

  • Michael Novogratz - Founder and CEO
  • Rich Tavoso - President
  • Julie Coin - COO
  • Steve Kelso - Head of Europe