Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Enterprise eth alliance logo.jpg
Founded 2017
Key People Ron Resnick, Executive Director
Employees Approx. 250-500
Twitter @EntEthAlliance
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Facebook EntEthAlliance
Website EEA Homepage
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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a collection of Fortune 500 companies that have pledged to help each other develop the Ethereum platform and further "smart contract" technology. This group includes the CME Group, the National Bank of Canada, Cisco, JP Morgan, American Family Insurance, Toyota Research Institute, Mastercard, and Microsoft.[1][2]

Company History

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was founded in March 2017 by Santander, JP Morgan, and a variety of other enterprise groups in order to standardize business applications based on Ethereum.[3]

Collaboration with the Hyperledger Project

On October 1, 2018, the Hyperledger project announced that it had begun a collaborative relationship with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, formerly one of its biggest competitors. This move was done in the name of "bringing common standards to the blockchain space and cross-pollinate a wider open-source community," as well as foster the development of interoperability between multiple blockchains, especially enterprise-level blockchains.[4]

"Token task force"

In February 2019, the EEA announced that the organization planned to form a "token task force" to create a specification for tokens that run on top of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as private blockchains based on it. This includes digital assets that are essentially blockchain-based tokenized shares in a company or stores of value tied to fiat currency, but also tokens like the ones used by CryptoKitties and similar dApps. The purpose of this would be to improve Ethereum's overall viability as a business platform.[5]

John Lothian News

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