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| products = Trading and settlement
| products = Trading and settlement
| press = http://deutsche-boerse.com/dbg-en/media-relations/press-releases
| press = http://deutsche-boerse.com/dbg-en/media-relations/press-releases
| homepage= http://deutsche-boerse.com/dbg-en/
| homepage= [http://deutsche-boerse.com/dbg-en/ Deutsche-Boerse Home]
| twitter =        https://twitter.com/deutscheboerse
| twitter =        deutscheboerse
| stocktwits =       
| stocktwits =       
| linkedin =      https://www.linkedin.com/company/deutsche-borse
| linkedin =      deutsche-borse
| facebook =      www.facebook.com/DeutscheBoerseAG
| facebook =      DeutscheBoerseAG

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Notes on spelling and terminology: the German ö is equivalent to the English oe; both Börse and Boerse are correct. Deutsche Boerse often refers to itself as Deutsche Boerse Group. Its legal name is Deutsche Boerse AG where AG stands for Aktien Gesellschaft, the equivalent of incorporated in English.

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Deutsche Boerse AG
Deutsche Borse-logo.gif
Founded 1992
Headquarters Eschborn, Germany
Key People Theodor Weimer, CEO; Jens Hachmeister
Products Trading and settlement
Twitter @deutscheboerse
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook DeutscheBoerseAG
Website Deutsche-Boerse Home
Releases Company News

Deutsche Boerse and Crypto Technology

Shortly after the launch of the bitcoin futures contract on Cboe a spokesman for Deutsche Boerse confirmed that it was looking into the possibility of launching its own futures contract.[1]

In March 2018 Deutsche Boerse announced a partnership with HQLAx, a London-based financial technology firm, to deploy R3's blockchain Corda technology for a new securities lending platform. The Eurex division of Deutsche Boerse was to contribute a trading platform.[2]

Bloomberg reported on May 23, 2018 that the acting Deutsche Boerse CEO, Jeffrey Tessler, had told attendees at a conference that Deutsche Boerse was "deep at work" on bitcoin.[3]

On August 28, 2018 Deutsche Boerse disclosed that it had expanded its relationship and made an investment in HQLAx for a minority stake of the company.[4]

In an interview published on the Deutsche Boerse website on August 30, 2018, Jens Hachmeister, the head of the new "DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures" unit, said that "the DLT/blockchain technology is a key opportunity for the creation of new market structures, adding new products onto our present structures and enhancing our existing offerings." Taking a company-wide approach, the unit is staffed by 24 employees including Hachmeister.[5]