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Open Privacy
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia
Products Messenger app and P2P payment system
Twitter @openpriv
Website Open Privacy Homepage

Cwtch is a peer-to-peer messaging and payment app currently being developed by Open Privacy, a Canadian nonprofit organization. Its name is based on a Welsh word which, roughly translated into English, means "a hug that creates a safe space," or a "feeling of home." The app is focused on providing a way for marginalized groups of people (such as gender and sexual minorities) in different countries to escape malicious surveillance and policing on their private lives by avoiding the use of metadata, which is often used by government mass surveillance operations. Cwtch will allow users to transact with each other using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Zcash, and Monero. The project received a donation of $40,000 from Zcash in December 2019.[1][2]