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{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
{{Infobox_Company  <!-- Feel free to remove comments like this when you add real info -->
| company_name = Blockchain, Inc. d/b/a/ Blockchain.com
| company_name = Blockchain, Inc. d/b/a/ Blockchain.com

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Blockchain, Inc. d/b/a/ Blockchain.com
Founded 2011
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key People Peter Smith, CEO and co-founder; Nicolas Cary, vice-chairman and cofounder
Employees 110
Products Cryptocurrency wallets, data services
Twitter @blockchain
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook blockchain
Website Blockchain.com
Releases Company News
Blog Blockchain Blog

Blockchain, Inc. provides a variety of cryptocurrency services under the brand name and web address Blockchain.com. It offers cryptocurrency wallets as well as information and analytical services for cryptocurrency markets. It also offers institutions services through its Principal Strategies portal.[1]


Blockchain.com began life as Blockchain.info. By the end of 2013, its eponymous website had grown to be the most popular bitcoin website with more than 3 million unique visitors in November 2013 alone. By the end of November it was the most popular wallet provider having registered 800,000 wallets on the site.[2] Blockchain, Inc. reports on its website that it has created more than 28 million cryptocurrency wallets through which more than $200 billion worth of cryptocurrencies have been transacted.

In major funding rounds in 2014 and 2017, Blockchain.com raised more than $70 million.[3] Blockchain.com reported in June 2017 that Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur who has invested in cryptocurrency markets since at least 2014, had participated in its second, $40 million funding round.[4]

Stellar (XLM) Airdrop

Promoting both itself as well as Stellar, Blockchain.com announced on November 6, 2018 that it would airdrop $125 million worth of Stellar (XLM) over a six month period by depositing about $25 worth of XLM into each new Blockchain customer's wallet and otherwise distributing any remaining XLM to current customers. The airdrop started on November 11, 2018. The price of XLM rose about 10 percent after the announcement and maintained the price gain for at least the 24 hours after the airdrop began.[5] Blockchain said it was the largest airdrop ever.[6]