Bitcoin Gold

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Bitcoin Gold is famous for being the target of a 51% attack in May 2018. In a 51% attack, the attacker exercises control of more than half of the hashing power of the cryptocurrency. Approximately $18 million in Bitcoin Gold tokens were diverted during the attack.[1]

Bitcoin Gold is sponsored by the Bitcoin Gold Organization, which consists of seven co-founders and additional staff. Bitcoin Gold's mining protocol uses the equihash algorithm in its proof of work.[2] Equihash is designed to rely on computer memory and is supposed to be resistant to the dominance of application-specific integrated circuit technology.[3]

As of October 4, 2018 Bitcoin Gold was the 23rd largest cryptocurrency as ranked by market capitalization according to data on CoinMarketCap. There were 17,269,449 coins in circulation trading at about $25.11 per coin, and it was the 30th most actively traded coin. [4]